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The Questionnare:

1) Name: Ginger
2) Age: 17
3) Location: Milwaukee, soon Baltimore

4) How did you find this community?: I clicked on the interest 'sidewalk chalk' in my user info and got here. I clicked on it because I thought it was something making fun of Michael Moore/out of curiosity.
5) Are you a member of any other rating communities?: Nope
6) Have you been rejected from any other rating communities? (If yes, which ones?): Nope.

7) Five bands: Mates of State, The Faint, Soilwork, The Violent Femmes, In Flames
8) Four movies: Eternal Sunshine, Garden State, Adaptation, Cold Mountian
9) Three books: American Gods, Cat's Eye, Out of Control (the one they made the cast of The Matrix read before the scripts were opened)
10) Two heros:
11) One ambition and/or dream and/or goal [be specific]: Graduate from MICA, get that illustration job I've been after since I could move, marry my best friend (just hooked up with him this week, so we'll see), be happy. To show the world my subconscious.

12) For or Against? And WHY?
+ Abortion: I'm pro-choice. If white, male, card-carrying republicans had ovaries, there'd be no contest.
+ Capital punishment: Fuck, if they did something really serious and got caught, give it to them.
+ Organized religion: Follow it if you want, but don't come to me for a debate. I'm not into all that 'arguing about religion' stuff. Wasted breath. And it causes wars. Eek.
+ The US government: If I'm drafted in 2005, I am going to be one pissed off ex-art student. Don't trust them, but don't really know what to believe because of all the propaganda flying around on both sides.
+ Affirmative action: I'm a white girl. Most of my friends are white. I don't want to sound all crappy and racist, because I'm not, but if a friend of mine, a (hypothetical) white guy wtih an ACT score of 28, missed out on a really good school because his place went to a black girl with a 25 and less for credentials/grades, I'd be a little bit irked.
+ Gay marriage: Love is love.
+ Censorship: Let it all hang out. But please, keep it behind a descriptive LJ cut. I wish real life had LJ cuts sometimes.

13) List 10 things you did today

1. packed for college
2. walked to the thrift store because it was 1/2 price everything day
3. found three little boy shirts, a white buttondown shirt for a costume i'm making (sandman: the wake, delerium's pink dress), and a plastic dinosaur who i have named T-Rex.
4. got the dinosaur free because i knew the guy at the register
5. realized as i was going to visit my friend (at the register guy's request) afterwards that i had walked out without paying.
6. helped the gay guy living in my friend's house pick up local guys on
7. talked about the huge hickies on my neck to a very painkiller'd up friend (she broke her foot) and left the $4 I owed Value Village with her
8. met a pretty hot gay stripper who we found on
9. played ddr for an hour and a half
10. made some envelopes out of an old wisconsin road map that i found at half price books for 48 cents (what ever happened to the cent key on the keyboard? i don't know the alt code for it and i wish i did)

14) Favourites:
+ Colour: i guess i love green. i have an acid green purse, 2 green coats, a gren hoodie, and i used to have wonderful green shoes before my mother chucked them. also, the laces in my pink chucks are acid green to match my 'bag'. it looks good with hot pink, and blue, and yellow, and purple, and teal, and red.. fuck, i love color. nothing i wear ever matches.
+ Beverage: water!
+ Food: cheerios.
+ Letter: S.
+ Concert you've attended: Yellowcard last year at the Warped Tour, before they got big and MTV-y. I didn't really like them then either, but that show kicked ass and nothing I've been to since has topped it.
+ Flavour: citrus?
+ Rodent: rabbit. still have my stuffed bunny to sleep with.
+ Plant: I want to say cucumber, but I'm also partial to carrots. And lettuce. And ganja.
+ Talk show: i really don't watch much because i'm never home/awake when it's on, but the couple of times i saw good day live, i liked it.

15) Finally, describe your favorite pair of underwear: Not a big panty slut. my favorite ones are charcoal grey and bikini style.

16) PIX!!!!!!1 :o

Green coat #1
Green coat #2
New glasses
One of those moments in which you just have to take take stupid pictures of yourself

That should be okay.

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