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re-applying cause i got bored.

The Questionnare:
1) Name : Nyssa Lee
2) Age : 17
3) Location : wisconsin

4) How did you find this community? my user info.
5) Are you a member of any other rating communities? _blueblood, and mutiple others that i've left.
6) Have you been rejected from any other rating communities? (If yes, which ones?) i don't think so.

7) Five bands : tool, radiohead, smashing pumpkins, ben harper, red hot chilli peppers
8) Four movies : ferngully,
9) Three books : most recently read: white oleander (don't remeber author..), the te of piglet (benjamin hoff, i think), your brain is god (timothy leary)
10) Two heroes: my teacher, mr. kennedy (for those who care, he's an incredibly brave man. i've known him since i was nine, and when i turned ten, he became very ill with throat cancer. for the past 7 or so years he's been battling cancer and the after effects. he (and two other incredible teachers) still have time and motivation to build a successful charter school from the ground up. he's an amazing man and an amazing teacher.) he's enough of a hero to cover for two.
11) One ambition and/or dream and/or goal [be specific]: to be happy. i don't care who i'm with, where i'm at, or how i got there.. but i want nothing more than to be happy.

12) For or Against? And WHY?
+ Abortion: i'm very much pro choice. i personally would never participate, condone or advocate abortion.. but i'm pro-choice. i'd rather see a child be taken out of the world before it's aware of anything rather than having an unwanted child in an unwelcoming, unnuturing home, which consequently would more than likely cause more problems and internal issues for the child and parents alike than abortion. but after eighteen days the child has a heart beat. it's human. opt for adoption.
+ Capital punishment: against. an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. my friend did a project on the death penalty, and it's disgusting how it's run, and how many innocent people die a year from unfair, incomplete trials and overlooked evidence.
+ Organized religion: to each their own, i'm not gonna hate you for having a religion, but organized religion has caused more problems than it's solved, i'll debate.
+ The US government: the current administration is something i'd like to..' ;aflkdjf;alsdjfa;sodifjwa;erjalsdfj kick.
+ Affirmative action
+ Gay marriage
+ Censorship: i don't care. extreme censorship is not okay. the government has no right, especially as a "republican" run government, to step in and start censoring cable tv or what we read in our magazines. but as far as public access things, such as billboards and radio, hell yes there should be censorship... umm, for obvious reasons? you can't avoid, or it's extremely difficult to avoid seeing a billboard if it were to have a set of boobs on it, persay, which they're getting closer and closer to.. while, you have to buy a magazine to read it, and pay for cable tv to see it. i think the people who get upset about it are kind of.. silly. because most of them are at an age where they can avoid it.

13) List 10 things you did today
woke up, fed my fish, ate ice cream, shaved my legs, got dressed in the kitchen, talked to my rats, put on makeup (rare), went to work, went to my grandma's and gave her gifts from australia.

14) Favourites:
+ Colour - blue, etc.
+ Beverage - smirnoff green apple. heh, chocolate milk.
+ Food - peaches and chocolate.
+ Letter - the one my boyfriend left for me on the counter after i went to bed one night.
+ Concert you've attended - i'm ashamed to admit, i haven't been to one. my mom said the summer i'm seventeen, i can go, but there's been shit in wisconsin.
+ Flavour - peach + strawberry
+ Rodent - james, my rat. =]
+ Plant - my phaleonopsis orchid.
+ Talk show - if i had to choose.. ellen.

15) Finally, describe your favorite pair of underwear. [or post a picture, if you'd like]
they're very low cut black mesh panties with a u shape cut out of the butt and a pink ribbon that ties the sides together so you can see just a little of my crack. they're pretty cute.

insert photographs and/or link to photographs here

::End Questionnare::
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