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i like the nightlife baby

The Questionnare: OKAY!

1) Name... Stephanie Nicole
2) Age.. 19
3) Location... I call home West Hollywood California, but moved to NYC for the summer

4) How did you find this community? I simply jotted down andy warhol and magic
5) Are you a member of any other rating communities? yup. okay, okay, are_you_rock...apparantly I am
6) Have you been rejected from any other rating communities? (If yes, which ones?) no way jose

Oh the pressure...Keep in mind I'm one of those people who will walk into a record store and do, "Do I even have a taste in music"...Im so bad on the spot.

7) Five bands...
The Cars, The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, Elvis Costello and The Attractions
8) Four movies...
Clerks, Bottle Rocket, Urban Cowboy, Posiden's Adventure
9) Three books... On The Road, 1984, If you give a mouse a cookie
10) Two heros... Pee Wee Herman and Oscar Wilde
11) One ambition and/or dream and/or goal...
Travel...das it.

12) For or Against? And WHY?

Jesus, now you are trying to get all philisophical on my ass...

+ Abortion...
ProChoice. It's completely ludacris in my opinion to ban something that can SAVE many more womens lives. Although it is unfortunate that the person was pregnant to begin with and for whatever reason decides they can't have the baby, but who the fuck are you to say they can't decide. Do you live their life? If you are against abortions don't have one. It is far too dangerous to ban them. It's dangerous and unethical.

+ Capital punishment
Against. Simply for the fact that I see what our judicial system is like in the United States, and there is too much room for error. 18-25-Poor Black Male, we know the statistics of men incarcerated, come on...

+ Organized religion
It's the excuse for war, it's the excuse for pain. You know what? These people would be fighting ANYWAYS. I'm not religious, but it seems like hope for some people who need it. People need something to believe in something to give them strength, don't douche all over their beliefs.

+ The US government
I am afraid of libraries now. I can't even check out a goddamn library book with no privacy? Let's reappeal please. Aye, aye, aye, we mess up time and time again, we are all ass backwards and it makes me angry. But the principles in America were something I believe in. We just have this ego that disgusts me, "These colors don't run-the world." We need universal healthcare, we need welfare, we need so many things fixed in America while we can start bouncing around trying to "protect everyone".

+ Affirmative action
For. We need to have implimented something that makes it work more effectively than the affimative action plan to begin with. Something that is effective towards the poor minorities as well. Affirmative action is just the begining of what we should do. If by some strange lightning bolt of luck that you were the one "genious" who wasn't excepted because some guy got 1 point less than you on an exam, get over it. THE JOBS WILL STILL BE THERE FOR US WHITE PEOPLE.

+ Gay marriage
100% for. I have such a hard time arguing for it because I feel we should be so beyond concepts like this. But if I start thinking that way, I scares me how much I don't think about anything else. Fuck it, they are all adults retards. I think gay couple marriage will be stronger in this day and age. Give them a million kids. Let them regret marriage like straight people do.

+ Censorship.
Whole heartedly against, especially on college campuses. Why? _________________________________________________________________________, and thats why I think censorship is important.

13) List 10 things you did today
ten things...
its early and it was really boring day...
uno.bought cigarettes
dos.smoked cigarettes
tres.rolled a piece of wheat bread in a ball for breakfast.
quatro.the running man
cinco. tried on a very cute dress with boats on it
6. broke my roommates music box (i tripped too)
7. started cussing profusely at the chair i also tripped over
8. got la bamba stuck in my head
9. played a little guitar...
10. took my bra out of the dryer...cause I will never learn
oh god, i can't possibly be this boring...

14) Favourites:
+ Colour... green. It's so money, baby.
+ Beverage... fat free, chocolate milk. The irony in it all...
+ Food... tortillas.
+ Letter... G because it always gets confused with the letter J, why is that?
+ Concert you've attended... Iggy Pop because it's still fresh in my mind...
+ Flavour... cinnamon
+ Rodent... rats, I just moved to NYC for the summer, and I see them in the subways all the time. "Are these props?" No they are fucking real. Every rat in the A train are adopted by me..."Flout," is by far my favorite, so charming.
+ Plant... although this is quite unfortunate, i will be honest, i don't know plants.
+ Talk show... bill maher cause hes such an ass. NOT POLITICALLY INCORRECT because I would get too mad as a kid, but the hbo bill maher

15) Finally, describe your favorite pair of underwear. [or post a picture, if you'd like]
There is a girl chocking, then it says, "Please don't hurt me." There white, they are cozy as fuck, they were a dollar. Wait, or my Chris Rock undies....

Me and my cousin at his wedding.

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