melanie still waiting call norton (idlepudding) wrote in in_like_flynt,
melanie still waiting call norton

it's been swell.

alright kids.

i'm not really feeling the moderation thing lately. actually, i'm not really feeling this community anymore. i don't really feel much like being a participant in my own journal let alone moderating a community.

so, i'm going to have remove myself and appoint another mod.

if anyone else really wants to be a mod, feel free to ask. i know that thingthang and alhooter are the other two mods; they can do this too.

i didn't leave you guys, however, with a bunch of "unstamped" members; i added them to where they needed to be added in the user info. if you applied AFTER february 18th and if you're wondering whether or not you got in, see previous sentence. if you applied before february 18th, i don't care enough to go back and pick through to find you. this was also determined by "majority rules".

i also need someone to host the stamps. i don't want them on my server anymore and i think it's kind of silly for me to host them when i don't belong to this community.

bon voyage and have fun.
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