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You're the girl on the wing of a barnstormer

The Questionnare:

1) Name - Sande
2) Age - 16
3) Location - Montclair, NJ

4) How did you find this community? - i searched "radiohead" as an interest, just out of curiosity. then, i stumbled onto this, and kind of just felt like filling out an application, slash camwhoring for a reason.

5) Are you a member of any other rating communities?-

6) Have you been rejected from any other rating communities? (If yes, which ones?)- neva eva

7) Five bands
- ♥Modest Mouse♥
- Radiohead
- The Shins
- The Postal Service/Death Cab for Cutie
- sayanything

8) Four movies
- Wet Hot American Summer
- Kill Bill 1&2
- Garden State (throwback to the homestate)
- A Clockwork Orange

9) Three books
- The Hottest State-Ethan Hawke
- Requiem For a Dream-Hubert Selby Jr.
- High Fidelity-Nick Hornby

10) Two heros
- Quentin Tarantino
- Macauly Culkin

11) One ambition and/or dream and/or goal [be specific]
- Ok, well I play lacrosse, and about 6 months ago I tore my miniscus in my right knee in a scrimmage. I was in physical therapy for 6 months and i only just got surgery this past monday. So, right now, my main goal in life is to be able to run again, as soon as i can, because being crippled and in an immobilizer(<">) like I am right now sucks balls.The only cool thing is that my knee immobilizer is blue, not black. Bright sexy blue.

12) For or Against? And WHY?
+ Abortion - Pro. Maybe killing innocent lives is wrong, but everyone has their own circumstances and reasons as to why they would want to abort a life in the first place. It's not like everyone is rushing out to get that sassy all the rage abortion yeah! People need to have the right to make decisions based on personal factors, not be forced into something they cannot handle.

+ Capital punishment- Against. Little story. My dad is a criminal-defense lawyer, and right now he's in this case where a man has been in jail for 17 years, and now wants the death penalty because he's sick of the conditions he lives in, and its a big deal because this is the first time NJ would be giving someone the death penalty in x long amount of time. I think if you did something awful enough to be confined to prison for the remainder of your life, you shouldn't get a quick fix out of that. You should have to live with the weight of your own actions on your shoulders.

+ Organized religion- Pro. I'm jewish and not that involved in my religion at this time, but if it's more important to other people, all the power to them. As long as religion can be made as a personal choice, to each his own.

+ The US government- No comment. I don't know enough about world events to give a fair opinion of if I think the government does a good job or not. Lord knows i couldn't do what they do. I'm not pro-war, but i'm not so anti-war that it makes me all GRAR BUSH IS EVIL AND INHUMANE. Maybe there's more going on than we all know about.

+ Affirmative action- Against. I had a friend who didn't get into Brown when he highly deserved it, solely because of affirmative action. I'm sure it opens oppurtunities for many other people, but it shouldn't hurt a person who worked incredibly hard his whole life also, just because he happens to be white. I'm incredibly personally biased though, obviously.

+ Gay marriage- Pro. Anyone lucky enough to find love and want to commit their lives to someone should have all the rights and power they can be entitled to.

+ Censorship- Eh, against. I don't really know enough, or feel strongly enough, to say much.

13) List 10 things you did today-8/22
- i woke up at 9 45 and showered
- i changed the bandages on my knee
- i ate half a grapefruit
- i went to st.lukes church with my 2 friends to volunteer with serving homeless people lunch
- i explained to about 50 homeless people what was wrong with my leg
- i ate lunch with my aforementioned friends at Raymonds
- i talked to a lady about a job at a bead store
- i bought a pair of earrings and a long strand of glass beads from an old lady running a little antiques store
- i bought the te of piglet from a used bookstore
- i came back to my house and gave half of my lunch to my dad

14) Favourites:
+ Colour-red
+ Beverage-diet coke with lime. it tastes like rat poison, but i'm obseessed with it
+ Food-portabello mushroom fajitas
+ Letter-q
+ Concert you've attended-it should have been modest mouse, but incubus. the happiest day of my life.
+ Flavour-orange
+ Rodent-ferrets
+ Plant-i really like daffodils
+ Talk show-conan o'brien

15) Finally, describe your favorite pair of underwear, or post a picture, if you'd like-i would post a picture if i had one. :(. they're bright bright pink boy shorts with big black polka dots all over them and black lace trim, and i got them for 35 cents at H&M. love them.

insert photographs and/or link to photographs here

that's it.

::End Questionnare::
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