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1) William
2) 16
3) Massachusetts

4) Someone posted about it on a Canada community
5) No.
6) No.

(in no particular order)
7) Kaizers Orchestra, Bright Eyes, Kyo, the Postal Service, the Mars Volta
8) 2001: A Space Odyssey, Waking Life, The Lord of the Rings, Утомлённые Солнцем
9) The Jungle by Upton Sinclair; Dictionary of the Khazars: A lexicon novel by Milorad Pavić; Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo (I wish I could list more)
10) Eugene V. Debs, for being so dedicated to his cause, despite its clear lack of popular support, and for never giving up hope; Henry David Thoreau, for being the consummate individual and defying society at every turn - for being himself, truly. (Again, I wish I could list more)
11) A goal. Hm. This is a tough one. I think something I'd really like to do is just have a positive impact on someone's life - just help someone. I don't think I do that enough at all. I would really just like to make someone happy or something like that.

12) For or Against?
+ Abortion - I am neither for nor against. I want the issue solved so we can deal with more important things. I feel that we cannot possibly outlaw abortion, for illegal ones would be numerous and dangerous; but I have grave moral reservations about abortion. So, I would, in the words of Clinton, want abortion to be "safe, legal and rare". This involves having comprehensive sex-ed programs which do not push only abstinence.
+ Capital punishment - I am against it because I think killing is almost always wrong and I believe that to kill someone convicted of a crime is both presumptuous and too easy. First of all, a jury of one's peers is not infallible - if we discover they were wrong, then we cannot take back death. Furthermore, death is too easy to let someone off. We need a totally reformed prison system, one that adequately punishes people rather than with the death penalty - something like almost total isolation without the possibility of parol would do nicely.
+ Organized religion - It works for some. It works for me. Corporate worship (as in a body of people, not a business haha), a strong tradition and community - these things appeal and help uphold me. But if it doesn't work for someone else, it doesn't work and they should try something else.
+ The US government - The Bush administration is loathesome and I want it to be gone as soon as possible. George Bush is one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had and I am completely dumbfounded as how the United States could vote for him again. He is one of the reasons why I am in all seriousness thinking of moving to Canada.
+ Affirmative action - I don't really know. I'm on the fence because I've heard convincing arguments from both sides. I'd like to study the issue more in-depth but I haven't had the time.
+ Gay marriage - I am enthusiastically for gay marriage, because I believe strongly in the Harm principle. I see absolutely no reason whatsoever as to why people shouldn't be able to marry whomever they want to marry.
+ Censorship - I think people should have as absolute as possible freedom of speech, within the bounds of inciting violence. Even inciting people to hate should be legal, as long as that hate is nonviolent. Boundless freedom of speech!

13) Woke up. Drank hot chocolate. Watched TV. Showered. Dressed. Ate tartines and had more hot chocolate. Did some Latin homework. Found out I have a snow day tomorrow. Filled out this application. Went to a friend's house for the football game.

14) Favourites:
+ Red. Also green is very good.
+ Hot chocolate.
+ Don't have one, but I eat a lot of pizza.
+ Ж, because I think it's beautiful. But in the Roman alphabet I enjoy the letter Q.
+ I've not yet gone to a concert.
+ Vanilla is great
+ The rat, bearer of disease
+ Bamboo
+ I don't watch TV

15) Well, they're no different from any other pair I own, really. They're just like dark red boxers. I like them best because of their color. And somehow they feel more comfortable, maybe it's a mental thing. And the tag is ripped off of them. That's what makes them different from the others. Just red boxers, not buttoned, just a flap.

And a picture:
the chip that was too large
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