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1) Name stef
2) Age 16
3) Location spfld il

4) How did you find this community? interests? i dont really remember.
5) Are you a member of any other rating communities? _smartlypretty, ehippy, prettyenough___, t3h_pseudoelite
6) Have you been rejected from any other rating communities? (If yes, which ones?) quite a few, but dont remember which ones, because i tend to remove them from my.. errrr. "member of"list.

7) Five bands
mc chris
ted leo and the pharmacists
8) Four movies
nightmare before christmas
battle royale
pulp fiction
9) Three books
define "normal"
chicken soup for the soul
10) Two heros
jesse allen crouch. (he got me into photoshop, got me my first graphic design client)
sree davi pinameneni prasad. (shes the reason i still try in school)
11) One ambition and/or dream and/or goal [be specific]
to get a small apartment of my own, with a small home office where i can do my graphic design in.

12) For or Against? And WHY?
+ Abortion
er, neither for or against ABORTION, but im definitely pro choice. its inside the womans body, its her choice what to do with whatever is inside it, no matter how it got there. however, i dont believe it should be used as birth control so to speak.
+ Capital punishment
im very mixed on this one, mostly because i havent really looked into it much. on one hand, i do believe in the general "eye for an eye" concept. however, when someone is on death row they tend to suck up taxpayer money going through appeals, to pay for their prison stay while they wait, to the executioner. and even if they get a life sentence, thats taxpayer money keeping them nice and comfy in jail (prisons commonly provide very nice healthcare and the like, because anything less can be counted as "cruel and unusual punishment")
+ Organized religion
as a whole it provides answers and peace of mind. however, when people take it to the extent of taking the lives of others, well, its a bit much. i also believe that the christian practice of converting/saving people is wrong because i see religion as a personal thing.
+ The US government
we had some good ideas in the constitution. i heard/read something somewhere, how we were going to write a constituion for some other country. "well, why dont we just give them ours? its been around for over two hundred years, and hey, we arent using it anymore". now while i still have a roof over my head, money in my familys pockets, and food in my stomach, i think something needs to be done with our system. to sum it up: im libertarian, and agree with nearly all their platforms.
+ Affirmative action
i would not know what this is, had one of my friends (himself being a minority) ranted about the flaws of this. rather than going solely by academic achievements, colleges have to have a certain number or percent of their student body be a minority? puh-lease. race just plain shouldnt BE a factor.
+ Gay marriage
`not all couples have children anyway. so what if two people of the same sex cant reproduce? adoption.
`not everyone follows the same religion, and i hate it when people try to apply the bible to everything.
`gays/lesbians are NOT gross. what if two ugly people marry? is that not gross to watch for some people? are we going to ban everything we dont like looking at now?
`gay marriage does NOT open the door to crazy marriages of other types. a dog cant sign a marriage liscense and polygamy isnt going to happen. and besides, we allow those drive through vegas weddings, dont we?
`that being said, it will NOT ruin the sanctity of marriage, because between hollywood and vegas, a wedding ring barely seems to mean anything.
+ Censorship
im definitely against it. if you dont like what you see or hear, change the channel, turn the page, whatever. noones forcing you to watch. they will NOT put porn on the news, because its news. people still have to pay to broadcast. not any dipshit can put whatever they want in the media (though it sometimes seems like it). theres tivo for those who want to censor stuff out themselves. im also extremely pro free speech, yet another reason i love the internet.

13) List 10 things you did today
(not in order)
moved a bookshelf
cleaned pez/juicy fruit wrappers of my desk
ate an orange
updated my blog
talked to my friend rachel on the phone
took a shower
filled this out
checked my email
mispelled "alrighty" as "alrithgy"
played minesweeper a million times

14) Favourites:
+ Colour
+ Beverage
code red
+ Food
+ Letter
+ Concert you've attended
ive only really been to two (sad, i know) so exies/theory of a deadman/breaking benjamin beats out avril
+ Flavour
+ Rodent
mouse or rat
+ Plant
+ Talk show
i dont watch much tv, so i really dont have a favorite.

15) Finally, describe your favorite pair of underwear. [or post a picture, if you'd like]
black thong with red sparkly pirate skull on the front

insert photographs and/or link to photographs here
general photos for use on lj apps:
or if you just wanna quick little pic:

yay for not having the exact same cookie cutter for/against topics.
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