The Questionnare:
1) Name
Kelley Nicole.
2) Age
3) Location
Pittsburgh, PA
4) How did you find this community?
Searching under "Aldous Huxley".
5) Are you a member of any other rating communities?
6) Have you been rejected from any other rating communities? (If yes, which ones?)
7) Five bands
The Used, Coheed and Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Billy Talent, and Atreyu.
8) Four movies
The Fifth Element, Snatch, The Village, and Army of Darkness.
9) Three books
A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World and Green Eggs and Ham.
10) Two heros
Audrey Hepburn and Salvador Dali.
11) One ambition and/or dream and/or goal [be specific]
To be famous (either good or bad).
12) For or Against? And WHY?
+ Abortion
For, Women need to be able to choose what to do with/to their bodies/children.
+ Capital punishment
I'm on the fence but if I was convicted of a crime, I'm sure I'd decide.
+ Organized religion
Against, It's a careful ploy to make money from a person's fear of their own mortality.
+ The US government
For, I think they're doing more good than harm.
+ Affirmative action
Against, I want the best [fill in an occupation] because they're good at what they do.
+ Gay marriage
For, My cousin is gay and I can't wait to attend the wedding.
+ Censorship
Against, I'm an artist, and artist expression can't be censored.
13) List 10 things you did today
1. Practiced oral hygiene.
2. Failed to increase the National Unemployment rate.
3. Mastered mobile technology.
4. Stayed up to date with current affairs.
5. Followed the Golden Rule.
6. Ended hunger.
7. Practiced my grammar skills.
8. Wrote in short-hand.
9. Expressed myself verbally.
10. Filled out this application.
14) Favourites:
+ Colour
+ Beverage
Corona with a shot of Sloe Gin.
+ Food
+ Letter
+ Concert you've attended
The Used.
+ Flavour
+ Rodent
Naked Mole Rat.
+ Plant
Umbrella Magnolia Tree.
+ Talk show
Jerry Springer.
15) Finally, describe your favorite pair of underwear. [or post a picture, if you'd like]
Umm...so many to choose from, probably my white thong with the little ruffles.

Pictures: http://thegirlieyouwant.yafro.com/


When I'm sick...my favourite things to do are sleep and watch all the movies i never have time to watch otherwise. and spend time laying around the house with my boyfriend because anytime i'm not feeling well he insists on taking care of me [too cute.]
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SInce we've been dead for a while...

I'm sitting here right now sick as crap (flu), when I should be in bed, wasting my afternoon with crappy daytime TV and juice. However, I thought I'd ask some of you a question:

"What do you like to do when you're out of commission for a while? Do you pamper yourselves, or do you whine and complain? Basically, what is your favorite thing to do when you're sick?"

Personally, I like to sleep and watch TV, and read when my medicine doesn't knock me out.
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